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To visual programmamatically are schematic gra- graphs, drawings, charts, etc. The creditworthiness of the borrower is characterized by its accuracy in the calculations of previous loans, the cur- the current financial condition and prospects of change, capable of- STU, if necessary, to mobilize funds from various governmental sources. On scope and borrowers financial loan has two types: interbank loan in which the borrower is a Bank, and the BAP dit for commercial purposes, in which the borrower is pre- acceptance, partnership, joint stock company, etc. Then respectively in parts outstanding credit. Storage of valuables. Commercial banks borrow funds, which may be from- given the loan in accordance with the needs of borrowers, and on the basis of wide diversification of its assets to reduce overall risks the owners of the money placed in the Bank. Accounting commercial bills and loans companies, it is enterprises. After assessing the borrower's creditworthiness and benefits- ness credit operations, the Bank enters into with the borrower of the credit agreement (credit agreement). Therefore, the effective functioning the activities of the Central Bank is one of the conditions for effective functioning of the market economy. Accounting commercial bills and loans companies, it is enterprises. Today in banks safe the storage of valuables departments hire safes, where under Zam- com are client value while the latter does not need to- access to their property. Trust management of monetary funds and other property soci Operations with precious metals and precious- governmental stones in accordance with the law. For example, to obtain interbank loan Bank-loan- expert provides to the lender the following documents: • the application; • notarized copies of constituent documents (Uch- radially agreement, Charter, certificate of incorporation) • notarized card (original) with samples under- the pussy of managers and chief accountant of the Bank and print the Bank; • notarized copy of license of the Bank (the"correspondent" and "currency", if available); • Bank balance as of the last reporting date (first day of the month) and the current date. Guarantee means the guarantor's obligation to pay for guaranteed a certain amount upon the occurrence of a guarantee event. Financial advising.

A mortgage loan is taken to cover major capital expenditures. In this case the Central Bank usually does not play a decisive role, as it does not has appropriate means. Modern commercial Bank is an organization created for fundraising and posting them on its behalf the terms of repayment, payment of interest and urgency. The main criterion for the redistribution of resources you steps the profitability of their use by the borrower. After assessing the borrower's creditworthiness and benefits- ness credit operations, the Bank enters into with the borrower of the credit agreement (credit agreement).

The decay of the feudal system, the development of cities, trade and reme- villages resulted in an increase of commodity-money transactions and generated Valo the need for intermediaries who can minimize the risks operations with money. Banks provide Fi- flows for all businesses, industrial and non-productive spheres, spheres of control and fill the budget (Federal and territorial) required cash means.Through banks is also bilateral motion of the money borrowed (credit). The term "Central Bank" was called the largest the Bank, which is located in the heart of the banking system. These free money are a source of credit tion of capital, and may be provided on credit or loan. Liquidity means the unconditional solvency Ho deistvuyushego of the subject and assumes a constant equality between assets and liabilities as on the total amount, and timing on- statements. To examine this question is based on from the conduct by the borrower of the event of balance sheet liquidity, the ratio between own and borrowed funds; • "redemption". period) of repayment of the loan to the Bank and In the contract. 5. Practice shows that it is difficult semi- chit interbank loan, if the Bank-borrower's authorized capital less than 100 million rubles, or a debit balance.

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823; • calculation of economic standards; • act audit.

A relatively high proportion of government securities- the magician in the Central Bank's balance sheet does not mean the primary part of the centre Federal Bank's servicing of the public debt, so how about- ligali mostly are bought and sold during the monetary policy of the state.

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